Your one-stop petaflop shop

Full service,
on-demand HPCaaS
using one of the largest
compute engines
on Earth.

Unleash the power of DUG HPC to accelerate your research, development and production. Powered by DUG McCloud, DUG HPC is available to any industry, such as astrophysics, chemical, physical and structural modeling, genomics and bioinformatics, machine learning, image processing, to name but a few. Designed and optimised by HPC experts, DUG HPC can expand your computational capacity to handle any demand.

HPCaaS powered by
DUG McCloud

Integrated high-performance compute, storage, software and services
Over 60 petaflops of compute
250 PF available in 2020
High-bandwidth, low-latency network
Huge data storage capacity and archiving
Backed by our security-obsessed team
Greenest HPC on Earth

Full code & configuration support

We will get you running fast!
We know that getting started on a new platform can be a challenge. Our experts will help you get your software running and tune it for our environment.

Expert algorithm and software optimisation.

DUG has years of experience optimising our own software to maximise performance. Our experts can take your software to the next level.

Algorithm design and tuning
System, I/O and network optimisation
Vectorisation (Single-core parallelism)
Multi-processing (Multi-core parallelism)
MPI (Multi-node parallelism)

Why choose DUG HPC?

Other “typical” cloud services make the customer responsible for managing basic things such as job queueing, file sharing, and security. DUG HPC is ready to run jobs right away. There are no virtual machines to set up or partitions to configure. The environment is built using familiar HPC components, including standard libraries, queueing, data storage, and more. When you need assistance, we have experts on hand, and offer a full range of services.

What can I run on DUG HPC?

Just about anything!

Run entire workflows on DUG HPC, or offload long-running, compute-intensive jobs and save your precious local resources for on-demand work! A full suite of compilers is available, as well as container support. Additional software is easily added on request.

Each data center houses a local high-bandwidth storage cluster. We have over 50 petabytes of storage, growing every month!

What about data transfer?

Transfer your data directly over the internet, or deliver it to us and we’ll load it for you. We can handle any type of media: tapes, drives, USB, NAS. Bring your own fibre or use our reasonably-priced bandwidth; either way, we'll never hold your data hostage to extortionate egress fees!